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Welcome from the Headmaster

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About us :

The LFiA is a school approved by the French Ministry of National Education. It has humanist values: tolerance, gender equality, equal opportunities, intellectual curiosity, promotion of critical thinking, etc. It provides students with an uninterrupted education, from nursery to baccalaureate. This recognition guarantees both compliance with the French school system and the quality of the teaching provided. Students from approved schools can continue their education at another approved school abroad or one in France. Thanks to its membership of a dynamic, attractive and open international network, the LFiA offers a particularly rewarding education, in particular through its openness to the Arabic language and Jordanian culture, as well as its promotion of a knowledge of English in a multicultural context.

The school is approved by the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE) :


Like other schools in the network, the LFiA benefits from AEFE support: continuing education for all staff; implementation of an innovative educational policy; allocation of operating, investment, equipment and educational support grants; fees assistance for French families in the form of school scholarships; granting of Excellence-Major scholarships to the brightest foreign students wishing to pursue higher education in France.

Staff training :

The AEFE has an ambitious continuing education policy for the benefit of all staff in the network, which is key to the quality of teaching, the specific nature of teaching abroad and outreach activities carried out by schools in the countries where they operate.

Our strengths :

Education from nursery level

The LFiA welcomes children from the first year of nursery school. Most nursery students join us in MS (the second year) from one of our partner nurseries, and benefit from an uninterrupted education up to baccalaureate level.

Teaching of the French curriculum

The LFiA is approved by the French Ministry of National Education. The teachers, seconded from the French national education system or having received training accredited by the AEFE, teach the French curriculum, complemented by languages to take account of the local situation.

Recognised by the Jordanian MEN

The French baccalaureate is recognised as equivalent and entitles students to enrol at Jordanian universities, both public and private.

An effective digital workspace

Teachers, students and parents have access to an effective digital workspace. It provides educational resources, homework and assessments. It facilitates communication between parents and the teaching staff. Teachers are trained in remote learning, which can be used if circumstances dictate.

Support for non-French-speaking students

In both primary and secondary, students who do not speak French very well or at all benefit from French support classes. The classes are taught by a teacher of French as a foreign language (FFL) and tailored to the students’ prior knowledge, with the aim of bringing them up to the level for their age. An induction week is organised at the start of the school year for the students concerned. Intensive French courses are organised in the autumn holidays, in partnership with the Institut français. French classes are offered to the parents of non-French-speaking students.

International languages teaching

Arabic, English, Spanish and German are taught by 12 specialist teachers. This pilot scheme allows us to integrate local students with specific French teaching, teach the language of the host country to all students and promote knowledge of English and other international languages in a multicultural context. Students have the opportunity to take the following internationally recognised exams:
In English: Cambridge exams for primary and lower secondary, IELTS for upper secondary.
In Spanish: DELE (Spanish language diploma), organised by the Instituto Cervantes.
In Arabic, option to take the CIMA (International Certificate of Proficiency in Arabic).
In French in primary school: the DELF (French language study diploma)

Higher education guidance

The French baccalaureate is recognised worldwide and French higher education is top quality, diverse and international in outlook. Most of our students continue their studies in France, at university undergraduate level, at business school or in Grandes écoles preparatory classes, but some go to Switzerland, Canada, the United States, the European Union or the Middle East.

Varied extracurricular activities

The school offers over thirty extracurricular activities, both creative and sports-based, whether internally or as part of an external partnership. The most popular include basketball, football, judo and fencing, but also radio and drama. In the lower secondary school, 3 hours a week are set aside for team sports (including basketball). These activities are in addition to those offered by the AEFE network: ‘Ambassadeurs en herbe’ (Budding Ambassadors) and ‘jeux MOPI’ (Middle East and Indian Peninsula Games) in CM (the final two years of primary school) and 6ème (the first year of secondary school).

School History

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From a small school in Jabal Amman to the Lycée Français international d’Amman.
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Contact us

Primary school - Deir Ghbar

13 Al-Iftikhar Street
Phone : (+962) 6 582 68 30
BP 830059 Amman 11183
Secretarial hours 8:15 – 14:30

High school - airport road

Al-Yadudeh, airport road
Phone: (+962) 6 430 06 00
BP 830059 Amman 11183
Secretarial hours 8:30 – 16:30

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