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Parent-teacher meetings, calligraphy project, the agenda and much more. Here is the newsletter No. 51

Re-registration 2024-2025

Re-registration is currently open for the 2024-2025 school year until Tuesday 20 February 2024 !

DELF primary school prize-giving ceremony

The DELF primary school awards ceremony was a moment filled with pride and joy.
Well done to all our students for their remarkable achievements.

Cycle 2 circus project

First, second and third graders start training for the circus 2024 project.

Well-being and personal development session

To help our grade 9 students relax their minds after the “brevet blanc” exams, we organised a well-being and personal development session, during which they had the opportunity to engage in a colouring activity of inspirational bookmarks to stimulate positive thinking. At the same time, laughter exercises and breathing techniques were taught to encourage immediate relaxation. In addition, practical information on the usefulness and management of exam stress was shared, providing students with concrete tools to navigate through exam periods.

Calligraphy project

The first and third year students have brilliantly learnt to write their names in Arabic using calligraphy!
Their work now decorates the corridors of our primary school.


You will find all the events on the Pronote agenda:
log into your Pronote account and click on the “Communication-Agenda” tab.

– Sunday 21 January to Thursday 1 February: Kindergarten classes parent-teacher meetings

– Wednesday 24 January: Parents’ information meeting for DELF 2024 exams (A1, A2, B1, B2)

– Wednesday 7 February: Primary school teacher conference N°6

– Tuesday 20 February: Post-baccalaureate information meeting for parents of primary and middle school students

– Wednesday 21 February: Cycles Council N°3

Parent-Teacher meetings at the high school

Many thanks to parents and teachers for the successful meetings on 16 and 17 January 2024.
These meetings help to strengthen our collaboration and promote the success of our students.

Registering for the Parcoursup platform

On Wednesday 17 January 2024, grade 12 students were able to start registering and entering their higher education choices on the Parcoursup platform.

New Yadoodeh attendance office email address
(4th to 12th grade)

The attendance office now has a new email address for all notifications of absences, changes of transport and other requests.
Please contact us at :

Reminder concerning forgotten items at Yadoodeh

We would like to inform you that all items left behind in Yadoodeh during the 2022-2023 school year were donated to the Ru’yana association.
In the same spirit of solidarity, we plan to continue this initiative for the current year. We encourage you to check and collect your children’s forgotten belongings before 31 January 2024. After that date, the items will be donated again to the Ru’yana association.

Robotics FabLab project by students in the extra-curricular activity

Students from the LFiA. primary school FabLab extra-curricular activity worked on designing monuments and modelled the Eiffel Tower. They then went to the Orange Village FabLab to design a used battery collector, which we installed in the primary school corridor. Congratulations to our future FabLab engineers for helping to protect the environment!

A cinema trip for middle school students at the Institut Français de Jordanie

Middle school students took part in an outing to the Institut Français de Jordanie cinema to see a film that combined entertainment and education made for a memorable experience.

The ADN-AEFE school exchange program

As part of the ADN-AEFE school exchange program, 13 of our students have applied. To date, five of them have already found their partner.
We are waiting for the second round for more results.

Fairuz, the lost portrait of Modigliani

Students in grade 7 created portraits of Fairuz, the great Lebanese singer, adopting Amedeo Modigliani’s artistic features, such as an elongated neck and pupil-less eyes.

“Kilims” : an art project by grade 6 students

Students in grade 6 explored geometric patterns using ‘kilims’, traditional carpets from Jordan.
This project aims to combine art and culture, while offering an immersive artistic experience.

Our students have talent

Congratulations to Celina Halasa from grade 5, who won 4 medals – one gold, 2 silver and one bronze – at the Kingdom Gymnastics Championships organised by the Jordan Gymnastics Federation.

Students took part in "Semaine des Enseignements de Spécialité" at the Agora forum

LFiA Students took part in Specialisation Week at the Agora forum. They were able to ask questions and get answers about their choice of specialisation, giving them a better understanding of the different options and helping them to make better decisions for the future.
Another activity will be organised to give them the opportunity to talk to their classmates in grade 11 and grade 12 and their specialisation teachers.

Gymnasium floor

To protect our gymnasium floor installed at the end of last year, we are asking all parents to provide their children with a second pair of clean trainers from 28 January 2024. These shoes must be used exclusively for sports lessons and extra-curricular activities that take place in the gymnasium.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in keeping our equipment in perfect condition.

Charlie Chaplin's "The Barber" music project

Exploring Charlie Chaplin’s “The Barber”, Grade 7 students discovered how to move the body with nuance and tempo, combining theory and practice for a deeper understanding of music in cinema.

Where are our graduates now?

Sengsay LAVIGNE VEOPRASEUTH (Class of 2023): 1st year of Classe Préparatoire aux Grandes Ecoles at the Lycée Sainte-Geneviève (known as “Ginette”) in Versailles (France)