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Winter holidays, Careers Forum, the agenda and much more. Here is the newsletter No.53

Winter holidays

Wednesday 28 February is the 1st day of the winter holidays. Classes resume on the morning of Sunday 10 March. Have a good holiday!

Careers Fair

Sunday February 25, 2024, the LFiA organized a careers forum for students from 8th to 12th grade and their families. This event allowed them to meet professionals from different sectors. The interaction with the speakers was a source of inspiration and direction for their future.
We would like to warmly thank everyone who contributed to the success of this event.

Presentation of studies in France to primary and middle school parents.

On Tuesday 20 February 2024, the LFiA organised a presentation on studying in France for parents from primary and middle schools.
The different themes covered were: the results of the baccalauréat and the recognition of the French baccalauréat throughout the world, the opportunities offered and the possible orientations with the French baccalauréat for the higher education of our students throughout the world and in France.
The presentation was given by the French Embassy’s Attaché for Scientific and University Cooperation, Mr Troy, and the Director of Secondary Studies, Ms Pascaline Eury-Shawareb.

6th graders and eco-delegates outing

On Tuesday 27 February, the gade 6 students and the eco-delegates visited the Wasfi Al-Tal forest to plant trees.
The students were divided into 3 groups who took it in turns to plant trees, collect rubbish and play a game on the theme of Sustainable Development.


You will find all the events on the Pronote agenda:
log into your Pronote account and click on the “Communication-Agenda” tab.

  • Wednesday 13 March 2024: start of AES T3 registration
  • Monday 18 March 2024: end of registration for AES T3
  • Thursday 21 March 2024: end of AES T2
  • Sunday 24 March 2024: start of AES T3
  • Wednesday 13 March 2024: primary school teacher conference N°7
  • Wednesday 20 March 2024: Cycle Council No. 4
  • Saturday 16 March: DST philosophy and DST French
  • Sunday 17 March 2024: Francophonie dictation
Basketball match against Mutran School

A look back at the basketball match against the Mutran school, which ended with a final score of 48-46 in favour of the LFiA.

Archaeology and palaeontology conference at primary school

On 19 February, our primary school organised a conference on archaeology and palaeontology presented by Ms Kurdy.
The event enabled the students to deepen their understanding of fossils and discover exploration techniques in these fascinating fields.
Our warmest thanks go to Ms Kurdy for her enlightening talk and to all those who attended.

Valentine's Day at the LFiA

At the LFiA, Valentine’s Day, dedicated to love and affection, has become the ideal occasion to extend our gratitude to all the staff who devote their energy to shaping a positive and caring school environment.

Grade 11 and 12 students visit the SESAME center

As part of the Physics and Chemistry specialisation class, students in grade 11 and 12 had the opportunity to visit the SESAME (Synchrotron-light for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East) center in Salt.
First, a physicist explained how the particle accelerator works. An engineer then explained the various fields of application, from archaeology to medicine and the environment.
They were also able to see that many of the concepts they had learnt about in their specialisation are now being used in advanced research, and that there is an immense field of knowledge open to them.

Our students have talent

Congratulations to Malak Jallad and Naya Jouineau who took 1st place in the Duet category and 2nd place in the Team category at the UDO (Middle East Street Dance) Championships in Dubai from 16 to 18 February 2024.

"Screen trained, online life balanced, well-being secured."

As part of the pHARe project, the month of February is dedicated to the safe use of the Internet. With this in mind, and in collaboration with the fantastic Orange coding school team, our students from 6ème to Secondes explored essential skills for using technologies responsibly and wisely, and navigating safely in this digital environment.
We would like to thank Orange for this initiative, and for all their efforts in making this experience a success.

Primary school students visit the lycée

Primary school students took a trip to the lycée to discover the “BADASS” exhibition on the theme of comic strip heroines.
The visit gave the young students an opportunity to explore new cultural and artistic perspectives presented in the exhibition.

Presentation of specialisations to grade 10 students

The LFiA organised a presentation of the seven specialities taught at the lycée for students in grade 10, led by teachers and students from grade 11 and grade 12, to help guide them in their career choices.
Many thanks to all those involved.

Where are our graduates now?

Adam CHTIOUI (Class of 2023): 1st year studying Marketing at Missouri Southern State University (USA).