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Spring holidays, LFiA sports tournament, the agenda and much more. Here is the N°56 newsletter.

Spring holidays

The spring holidays start on the evening of Thursday 25 April 2024 and end on Saturday 11 May 2024. Classes resume on Sunday 12 May 2024.
Have a great holiday!

Ambassadeurs, Ambassadrices en herbe

Our students selected to represent the LFiA in the Ambassadeurs, Ambassadrices en herbe competition went to Cairo for the final.
There were 3 5th graders in the “group” category, a 6th grader in the “cycle 3” category, a 8th grader in the “cycle 4” category and a 10th grader in the “high school” category.
Congratulations to Sulaiman AL-SARTAWI (grade 10- 1) who came second in the high school category!

LFiA sports tournament

On 20 April 2024, LFiA organised a sports tournament for the U15 basketball and U12 football categories, in collaboration with the ICS, King’s Academy and Terra Santa schools.
Relive this dynamic day through the photos, capturing the sporting spirit and fair play of the students!
The LFiA is doubling its efforts to enhance the range of extra-curricular sports activities on offer at middle and high schools from the start of the new school year, improving both the quality and quantity of the programmes available. A healthy mind in a healthy body, in this year of the Olympic Games in France!


You will find all the events on the Pronote agenda:
log into your Pronote account and click on the “Communication-Agenda” tab.

– Saturday 18 May: Forgotten specialisation exam for grade 11 students
– Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23 May: DNB trial exam

– Wednesday 15 May: Primary Teachers’ Council No 9
– Wednesday 22 May: Cycle Council No 5

Exam Schedule
Outing to ICS for grade 3 students

As part of the “Les petites oreilles” Francophonie festival, the grade 3 classes went to ICS to take part in the creation of radio stories.
You can find the stories by clicking on the link

Francophonie exhibition for kindergarten students and parents

The kindergarten classes were delighted to invite parents to celebrate La Francophonie.
The event included an exhibition on the Francophonie, a kindergarten choir, and enriching class discussions. Each family received a magnificent book of traditional French songs made entirely by the students.
Thank you to everyone who took part!

Film outing to the Institut Français de Jordanie for middle school students

The middle school students went to the Institut Français de Jordanie to see a film.
A memorable cultural experience!

Lecture by Jules Régnier "The geopolitical stakes of water: the example of Jordan"

On Sunday 14 April 2024, for two hours, the grade 11 HGGSP students attended a lecture by student researcher Jules Régnier, who had come to Amman as part of his research work. At the heart of this meeting was the question of water control and accessibility as a geopolitical issue. The students asked about the form that Mr Régnier had drawn up and used to gather information. They were able to discuss the water situation in Jordan and the players involved in making water accessible in the country. Finally, they discussed the geopolitical issues surrounding this resource in the region and the dynamics between researchers and political actors.

Grade 5-2 swimming pool sessions

Check out these captivating moments from our grade 5-2 students during their session at the swimming pool.
They made the most of this refreshing and fun activity!


The director of the secondary school presented the EV@LANG test to the grade 9 students, explaining its usefulness in measuring their level of English.
Following this introduction, the students were given the opportunity to take the test, enabling them to assess their language skills.

Fifth Grade and Sixth Grade Meeting

As part of the communication between Year 5 and Year 6, students from both classes shared a moment of reading and discussion about the book ‘Canterville Ghost’.

Fantastic animals

The grade 6 students let their imaginations go free by creating unique fantasy animals. Each creature was given a distinctive name and fascinating details, then meticulously drawn to bring their ideas to life. They later brought these creations to life by modelling them, adding a tactile and three-dimensional dimension to their fantastic works.

Our students have talent

Inès Hélène Cohic, a student in grade 10, has been selected to take part in the Orchestre des Lycées français du Monde as a violinist.
This is an international, inter-school orchestra made up of students from grade 6 to grade 12. Founded in 2015 to mark the 25th anniversary of the AEFE, the Orchestre des lycées français du monde is a unifying project, the result of fruitful partnerships, and a magnificent human and artistic adventure, a skilful blend of work and passion. It is directed by Adriana Tanus, a teacher at the Lycée français de Madrid.
The 10th edition was held in Brussels at the beginning of April and was made up of a conductor, 76 student instrumentalists and 40 choristers. 42 countries were represented and 56 schools took part, including the LFiA thanks to the participation of Inès Hélène.

Jeux du Moyen Orient

The two teams selected to represent the LFiA at the Middle East Games have left for Qatar.
We wish them the best of luck! More photos and details will be available in our next newsletter.


Welcome to Auguste, Érik VERNHET’s partner (grade 10- 1) who comes from the Lycée Antoine-de-Saint-Exupéry in Santiago (Chile).

Spring bloom: Art, nature and inspiration

The grade 8 students explored the art of eco-printing on paper using fresh spring flowers and plants. Afterwards, they brought inspirational quotes to life by carefully calligraphying them. This project combined creativity, nature and reflection for an enriching and artistic experience.

Where are our graduates now?

Nour Al Afghani: (Class of 2023): 1st year in LAS biomedical sciences at Université Paris Cité and Zina Alwaqfi (Class of 2023): studying medicine (PASS) at Université Paris Cité.