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End-of-year holidays, International Arabic Language Day, the agenda and much more.
Here is the newsletter No. 50!

End-of-year holidays

The end-of-year holidays start on Thursday 21 December 2023 and end on Saturday 6 January 2024.
Classes resume on Sunday 7 January 2024.
Happy holidays to you all!

International Arabic Language Day

Thank you to all the students for their work on International Arabic Language Day, Monday 18 December 2023, and thank you to the Arabic teachers for organizing this wonderful day.

La Fresque du climat workshop

The LFiA is committed to the environment! We recently organised “la Fresque du climat” workshops for our eco-delegates and staff. These interactive sessions enabled everyone to gain a better understanding of climate issues and to train the staff to run these workshops.

Trip to see the Amman city model

An interesting outing for our first and third grade students: discovering the model of Amman!
It was an inspiring day exploring our beautiful city in miniature. Thank you to everyone who made this adventure possible!

Cinema trip to the French Institute in Jordan

A cinematic adventure for our primary students at the French Institute in Jordan.
Immersed in the magical world of cinema, they explored different cultures and languages through fascinating films!


You will find all the events on the Pronote agenda:
log into your Pronote account and click on the “Communication-Agenda” tab.

– Wednesday 10 and Thursday 11 January 2023 DNB Blanc n°1
– Saturday 13 January 2024 BAC Blanc Français (Grade 11)
– Sunday 14 to Thursday 18 January 2024: French oral exams (Grade11)
– Saturday 20 to Monday 22 January 2024: BAC Blanc (Grade12)

– Sunday 21 January 2024 2nd Degree Council
– Monday 22 January 2024 School Council No. 2

Class councils 1st term 2023-2024

Class councils for the secondary level were held from Monday 11 to Monday 18 December 2023.
Individual parent-teacher meetings will take place on 16 and 17 January 2024.
We are committed to provide quality support for the educational success of our students.

Parcoursup 2024

The Parcoursup platform, which enables students in their final year of secondary school to apply for more than 23,000 courses in French higher education, has opened for the information phase on Wednesday 20 December 2024.
Grade 12 students were given a presentation of the process. They will be able to start registering for higher education on 17 January.
Other events will be organised to help them make their choices.

Sciences Po online conference for high school students

On 30 November 2023, Sciences Po highlighted its programs at an online conference for high school students. A key event for future students.

ELLE BOUGENT for orientation online conference

The LFiA hosted an online conference presented by the association ELLES BOUGENT for orientation. The aim of this session was to promote engineering and technical professions to young girls.

Middle school delegate’s course

To prepare delegates for class councils, the Director of Secondary Studies organised a course for school delegates on Thursday 7 December 2023.

No to Bullying Week

At the LFiA, as part of our priority to ensure a school climate conducive to the well-being of students, we believe that by promoting kindness, empathy, diversity, respect and friendship, we are also working to reduce bullying among our students.
During the No to Bullying Week, the LFiA organized a wide range of activities to raise awareness and inform students about this important issue:

Discussion about bullying

What is bullying? What are the criteria for distinguishing bullying from other unacceptable behaviour ? And above all, what should I do if I am a target? Witness or perpetrator of bullying?

Cohesion workshop

During class time and with their principal teachers, the students discussed and took part in activities focusing on cohesion and the feeling of belonging to a group. When members of a group feel connected, appreciated and supported, they are more inclined to work together harmoniously.

Mix and Match Day

Mix and Match Day, as part of No to Bullying Week, symbolises our commitment to diversity and respect.
By encouraging students to express their individuality through their outfits, we reinforce the message that everyone, with their unique differences, is an important and valued part of our community.

Treasure hunt

During the treasure hunt, and through various activities, the students from grade 1 to grade 5 explored:
– Kindness, by making sandwiches for each other to share…
– Empathy, by trying to understand the emotions of different people in different scenarios and trying to find the right words and gestures to help the other person feel better…
– Friendship and the right choices to make, by sorting and reflecting on friendly and unfriendly words/gestures…
– Cooperation, by playing games that encourage them to work and think together to achieve the desired goal.
– Diversity, through collaborative art projects in which each child colors or decorates part of a drawing, to appreciate the beauty of the final product at the end.


With their fingerprints, our students have committed to “raise their voices” to say No to bullying and to “change their ways” to say Yes to respect, empathy, friendship and diversity.

Sowers of positivity

Our students are currently creating a tree with post-it notes in the shape of hearts and inspirational messages to spread at the LFiA.

Free expression area

The students had access to a free expression area to interact with questions such as: ”To create a caring school I can” and ”What makes you a good friend”.

Cooperative games for middle school classes

During this day, prepared and organised by the parents of LFiA, the middle school students played a directed race, a blind chase, a fortress game and a signalling telephone. Among the messages retained:
“Alone, we go faster. Together, we go further.
“At LFiA, there’s no compèt’… We complete each other!”

Art projects as part of anti-bullying week :
Grade 6 project: What if it were you?

An art project exploring the theme of self-portraits and self-esteem to highlight the fact that relationships with others begin with self-knowledge, and that accepting and loving others begins with accepting and loving ourselves. This project was an opportunity to celebrate the uniqueness of each student!

Grade 7 project: words that hurt and the power of words that heal and comfort

 Students in grade 7 have been working on an interesting art project. They illustrated the linocut technique for engraving words that hurt and leave deep traces that cannot be erased. They then created representations of the words that heal in the form of plasters, illustrating the power of healing and comfort.
This project highlights the power of words that heal and comfort!

Grade 8 project: the beauty of diversity and difference

A creative sculpting project in which 8th graders created a character, focusing on the head to represent diversity.
The message of this project is: We do not have the power to choose our family and our physical appearance, but we do have the power to choose to be good or not!

Grade 9 project: posters to raise awareness and encourage others to take action!

9th graders play the role of witness. They have led a major initiative to combat bullying by creating black and white posters in which each student has been photographed, accompanied by awareness-raising texts.
The posters aim to promote a respectful, bullying-free school environment!

Finally, bullying is a global challenge!
What makes the difference is the collective attitude, the careful monitoring and the measures we take as a school.
Our NAH bullying awareness week is a first step, and we are determined to continue our efforts in the same direction.
Together, as partners in our children’s education, we can positively influence the culture of our school.
Thank you for your continued support!

Installation of a sports structure for motor skills at the primary school

A new motor skills adventure at primary school! We’re delighted to unveil our brand new sports structure, designed to boost the motor skills of our pre-school students.
Get ready for some fun and active learning!

LFiA football and basketball teams

Thanks to our recent training sessions, the LFiA football (CM) and basketball (middle school) teams are now ready to take part in friendly matches.
This is an opportunity for our students to put their skills into practice and proudly represent our school.

Our students have talent

Congratulations to Taliah Aljariri from first grade 1 who won first place in the kingdom’s gymnastics championships, organised by the Jordan Gymnastics Federation.

Where are our graduates now ?

Kinda HADDAD (Class of 2023): 1st year psychology student at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (UBL) in Belgium.