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Francophonie, sport, the agenda and much more. Here is the N°55 newsletter.

DNB 2023 award ceremony for grade 10 students

Mr. Troy, Attaché for Scientific and University Cooperation, presented the DNB (Diplôme National du Brevet) to the students in grade 10. Congratulations to all the students!

Inspection mission

The LFiA had the pleasure of receiving several missions between 25 and 27 March from the following people:
Mme Simon, National Education inspector for the Middle East zone.
Mme Cuvillier and Mme Benmehdi, educational advisors based in Cairo and Abu-Dhabi.
Mr Degos, a mathematics teacher trainer based in Riyadh.
Some teachers were able to take part in a consultancy visit.
All the teachers received training in inclusion.
Kindergarten class assistants received a full day of training.
The lycée maths teachers worked with Mr Degos on the new programmes.


You will find all the events on the Pronote agenda:
log into your Pronote account and click on the “Communication-Agenda” tab.

– Saturday 20 April

– Wednesday 24 April: Primary Teachers’ Council 8

Sports tournament
Prix Liberté 2024

From 12 to 16 February, Ward Rabadi, a grade 12 student, travelled to Caen in Normandy as part of the Prix Liberté 2024.
This prize invites young people aged 15 to 25 from all over the world to nominate a person or organisation involved in the fight for freedom. It also commemorates the Normandy invasion of 6 June 1944, which contributed to the liberation of France.
So 24 young people had the task of choosing 3 battles, out of a total of 512, that are the most representative during the year 2024.
It’s an experience not just for the members of the jury, but for all the young people, as they get to vote for one of the three finalists for the prize.
To vote here


Exhibition of works for La Francophonie and presentation of prizes and diplomas to the students who wrote the best dictations of La Francophonie at the secondary school site

Mr Troy, attaché for scientific and university cooperation, and Mr Vivarelli, head of the French and Francophonie mission at the French embassy, visited the exhibition of works produced in class by grade 4 and grade 5 students.
The students from grade 4 to grade 12 with the best results in the dictée de la Francophonie, organised on Sunday 20 March 2024, received a prize and/or a diploma. Well done to all the students!

Grade 4-2 and KG2 inter-cycle project

As part of an inter-cycle project, students from the 3 KG2 classes and students from the grade 4-2 class worked together to create a comic strip for La Francophonie on the theme of the Olympic Games.

Exhibition of works for La Francophonie and presentation of prizes and diplomas to the students who wrote the best dictations in La Francophonie in primary school.

Ms Barbe, Director of the Institut Français de Jordanie, Mr Vivarelli, Head of the French and Francophonie Mission, and Mr Cohic, Headmaster of the LFiA, opened the exhibition of works for La Francophonie at the primary school. The students proudly displayed their work during the presentation. Those who took part in the dictation and achieved the best results were rewarded with prizes and diplomas.

Flowers of La Francophonie

On Francophonie Day, secondary school students each selected and wrote a French word on flowers and displayed them at the entrance of the LFiA, weaving a garden of Francophone flowers.

Grade 5 cinema trip to the Institut Français de Jordanie

The two CM2 classes went to see a film at the Institut Français de Jordanie.
They watched the film “Le château des singes” on Tuesday 26 March.
The film had a nice moral: “don’t judge without knowing”.

Greening the classroom eco-delegate project

Under the guidance of the eco-delegates, each class at the secondary school site has been given a houseplant as part of the “greening the classrooms” project. The aim of this initiative is to green our spaces and raise our environmental awareness.

«Terre de jeux 2024» with the grade 6- 2 class

Students in grade 6-2 took part in the “Terre de jeux 2024” operation. The principle of these games was to form a relay starting from the 1st time zone in our zone, then moving on to the 2nd and finishing with the 3rd to collectively reach 2024 kilometers.
For this event, we chose the speed relay activity and relayed it to Cairo Egypt. Congratulations to our students, who completed 121 kilometers!

Our students have talent

Congratulations to Chloé (grade 2-2) who won the gold medal on floor and beam, the silver medal on uneven bars and the bronze medal on vault and who finished 1st overall in level 3 (USA gymnastics) in her age category at the annual regional competition in Dubai (gymnastex).

Training on the uses of Artificial Intelligence in education

Thank you to Mr Alioune Koné, trainer from the AEFE Agency, for his first training session on the uses of Artificial Intelligence in education. This introductory training will prepare for more in-depth training for all teachers, which will take place next year. It will focus on the issues involved and how to take account of these developments in the practices of students and teachers.


As part of the ADN-AEFE school exchange programme, the LFiA is currently hosting :

  • Alric from the Lycée Français de Tananarive (Madagascar): Camille Pillot’s partner (grade 10- 1) .
  • Elia from the Lycée Français de Kuala Lumpur: Victorio Vilain’s partner (Grade 10-2).
  • Mano from the Lycée Français de Pondichéry: Karl Leger’s partner (grade 10-2).
  • Pierre from the Lycée Français de Tananarive (Madagascar): Tom Breyne’s partner (grade 10-1).

Sara Al-Bitar has arrived at the Lycée Franco-Ecuatorien la Condamine in Quito (Ecuador).

AES: Primary Fablab - Feeders

The students of the primary school Fablab have decided to design feeders for the primary school’s birds for this winter. Each one designed a different feeder, and we hung them on the trees, placing delicious, varied seeds in them.

Where are our graduates now?

Pier Paolo BEZIN (Class of 2023): 1st year of musicology degree at the University of Nice Côte d’Azur (France).

LFiA football U12, boys basketball U15 and girls basketball U15 training sessions

Follow the dynamic training sessions of the LFiA boys football and boys and girls basketball teams. Moments captured in images reveal their team spirit and determination.

The Middle Ages

Students in grade 7 plunged into an exciting immersion into the Middle Ages through music and arts. During this exploration, they discovered the artistic techniques emblematic of this period, such as illumination, embossing and metallic effects. Their journey back in time gave them a better understanding and appreciation of the cultural riches of this fascinating period.

Expressiveness through masks

Students in grade 8 recently immersed themselves in the exciting theme of “expressiveness through masks”. The aim of this exciting project was to introduce them to working in pairs, highlighting the importance of helping each other to turn their ideas into reality. They discovered the art of patience, essential for meticulous work. In a friendly and harmonious atmosphere, the students let their creativity explode, giving birth to unique works rich in emotion.

Recycling and sculpture

Students in grade 9 embarked on an innovative project involving recycling and sculpture. They collected plastic bottles and creatively transformed them into artistic vases, using plaster and pastel-coloured paints. The project enabled the students to learn about the importance of recycling while developing their artistic skills and sense of creativity.